ZED SDK does not work

I want to use ZED2i with my laptop, So I tried below combinations of CUDA and ZED SDK.

  1. CUDA 10.2 and ZED SDK for CUDA 10.2 and Windows 10
  2. CUDA 11.8 and ZED SDK for CUDA 11 and Windows 10/11
  3. CUDA 12 and ZED SDK for CUDA 12 and Windows 10/11

But all trial have been failed, just ZED explorer was working and the others(Diagnostics, Depth viewer…) did not work. In addition, I tried to install python api(get python api.py), but I faced error too.

The error is same for all trials(including api installing), “not exist nvEncodeAPI64.dll”.

My laptop has NVIDIA MX150, Windows 11.

And I get information that the MX150 is not supproted NVENC through Google search.
Are these related? How should I address this issue?
Should I consider that the ZED SDK is not supported on the MX150?

Hi @brillkite
the NVIDIA MX150 has Compute Capability 6.1 and is based on the Pascal architecture, so you should be able to use it.

As you mentioned, this GPU does not have hardware encoding capabilities, so it cannot support hardware encoding for SVO recording and Network streaming.

The ZED SDK should be able to use it, can you send me a picture of the error you get while running ZED Diagnostic and eventually the report file that it generates?

Hello, Lucetti

Thank you for your reply.

While the “not exist nvEncodeAPI64.dll” occurs, ZED diagnostics didn’t work.
What I mean is, when I run the program, the program automatically closes within a few seconds.
Or when I run the program and click start button, the program automatically closes within a few seconds.
So, I can’t get the report file of ZED diagnostics.

But surprisingly, I solve the problem by copy and paste ‘nvEncodeAPI64.dll’ from another desktop(It has GTX2080, ZED SDK running with little error of depth viewer - please refer to my previous query) to my laptop’s corresponding path.

I don’t understand why the problem is solved, but ZED SDK and Depth viewer are working fine on my laptop.

If you know why the problem is solved, please let me know. It may be very helpful.

Thanks and regards.


2023년 9월 22일 (금) 오후 5:21, Walter Lucetti (Stereolabs) support@stereolabs.com님이 작성:

The ZED SDK depends on that DLL to provide encoding capabilities, but the NVIDIA driver does not install it for GPUs that do not have hardware encoders.
Probably you will face issues if you try to record an SVO or create a network stream with H264 or H265 compression, but all the other features of the SDK will work correctly.

Oh, I understand. Thank you.
I’ll find the other desktop of laptop for recording or network stream.
Your reply is much appreciated.

Thanks and regards.

2023년 9월 22일 (금) 오후 5:55, Walter Lucetti (Stereolabs) support@stereolabs.com님이 작성: