Zed SDK 4.1 zed ros2 wrapper custom object detection

Im currently working on a project that requires me to be able to use a custom object detection in ros2 and i was wondering if zed sdk 4.1 will have this feature and if so when would you guys be planning to release it? thank you!

Hi @castel
this feature is on our scheduling at low priority.
I can say that it will be released, but I cannot provide a precise date.

@Myzhar Got a release date for sdk 4.1 though?

It’s coming soon… stay tuned

Soon as in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months?

Thanks for the response. Would introducing a custom object detection to ros require me to edit the zed_camera_component.cpp? Im trying to understand the best way to go about adding the custom object detector.
thank you for your help.

We will use a different approach, but the simplest way for you is to modify the zed_camera_component to add the code related with your custom inference

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