ZED SDK 4.0: No ERROR_CODE returned on set_camera_settings

According to ZED SDK 4.0 changelogs, Camera::setCameraSettings now returns an sl.ERROR_CODE instead of void.
However, I do not see this change for the Python API when using a ZED 2i:

from pyzed import sl
>>> cam = sl.Camera()
>>> cam.open()
>>> print(cam.set_camera_settings(sl.VIDEO_SETTINGS.EXPOSURE, 50))

I was expecting to get sl.ERROR_CODE.SUCCESS as a return value.


Sorry, this is a bug, and one that is very easy to fix. You’ll have it in the next patch.

Please also return the error code for the _range variant of the function.
For the _roi variant and the setters, the error code is already returned.

Thank you for the quick reply btw, I will be looking forward to the next patch!