ZED SDK 4.0.3 Gstreamer ZEDSRC Build Errors

I am trying to build the ZED Gstreamer plugin as discribed here (GitHub - stereolabs/zed-gstreamer: Package of GStreamer elements to interface with ZED Cameras) using the ZED SDK 4.0.3. I haven’t had problems when using older versions of the SDK but with this version the build process runs into a bunch of error messages. Is SDK 4.0.3 compatible with Gstreamer ZEDSRC? If not, will there be an update for the Gstreamer plugin?

Hi @nweg
the GStreamer repository does not work with ZED SDK v4.
It’s only compatible with ZED SDK v3.8.2.

We are working on ZED SDK v4 compatibility, the devel_v4 branch will be merged into the master branch as soon as the development is completed and tested.

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The current status of the devel_v4 branch allows you to use the ZED GStreamer elements with the latest SDK v4.0.5.
We are just fixing the last problems with Body Tracking and performing QA and tests

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