ZED SDK 3.3.1 Patch Release

The 3.3.1 patch version has been released! See here https://www.stereolabs.com/developers/release/

Here are the release notes :


The ZED SDK patch 3.3.1 fixed bugs reported by users to make the ZED SDK even more useful. Some modules have been reworked to provide a better experience. We also improved our documentation to make it denser and easier to understand. Wrappers and their sample have been updated to better reflect SDK capabilities.

Bug Fixes


  • Improved Auto-Exposure behavior to fix random overflow leading to purple images.
  • Updated Depth Performance filtering to reduce occlusions, results are closer to SDK 2.8.
  • Updated Depth Quality filtering to remove the quantification effect in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in Spatial Mapping module which was leading to aborting the process.
  • Improved object tracking process runtime.
  • Reduced object detection flickering.
  • SDK installation now follows Windows rules about program drive.


  • ZEDfu no longer stops in a random way.
  • Fixed ZED Diagnostic behavior with cuda 11.1.



  • Added full sensors data.
  • Added missing Object Data attribute (velocity, confidence)
  • Updated Samples
  • Added sensors data sample


  • Updated C# API to match C++/python naming.
  • Added NuGet compatibility for C# API.
  • Added new spatial mapping sample for C# API.


  • Improved Documentation.
  • Fixed issues in API leading to disjointed data into Matrix3f or Matrix4f when setting/getting values from Rotation or Orientation.
  • Fixed Spatial Mapping Triangles index which was leading to false ordering.
  • Updated Object Detection API.
  • Samples now match C++ ones with new opengl viewers.


  • Fixed rgb/depth async issue
  • Improved IMU and other sensor sync
  • Fixed issue with sensors data from SVO


  • Support for ROS2 Eloquent Elusor
  • Support for SDK v3.3
  • Support for ZED2
  • Support for new ZED2 sensors
  • Support for Object Detection with ZED2
  • Switched from lifecycle node to “normal” node to improve ROS2 compatibility
  • New zed-ros2-examples Github repository
  • New Rviz2 plugin to visualize Object Detection results (bounding boxes and skeletons)
  • New improved tutorials
  • Improved Python launch files
  • Updated online documentation
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