ZED SbS Python Jetson vs Python Windows


Please could you tell me why my full screen side by side image is not the same on Jetson and windows with excatly the same code : Work good on MS for our 3D screen but not on jetson :

Here windows :

Here Jetson :

With the Jetson view, my 3D screen can’t make 3D render.

Thank you in advance.

Please any help???

Hi PrivHate,

Can you share the code you are using to display your window ?
Thanks in advance.

Hello and thanks for your answer, here the code i use :

(PS : C# dev here, working on pyhton since some days only)


This code work like a charm on windows.

Thank you.

Hi @PrivHate,

Thanks for sharing ! It seems indeed that OpenCV window flags have a different behavior depending on the OS.
Can you try to change cv2.namedWindow("ZedCamView",cv2.WND_PROP_FULLSCREEN) by cv2.namedWindow("ZedCamView",cv2.WINDOW_FREERATIO) to see if that’s the display you want ?