zed.retrieveObjects hangs

Using CUDA 11.4 and ZED 3.6.1, receiving a stream in UDP from a jetson nano (jetpack 4.4) after a while (120 seconds more or less) the zed.retrieveObjects hangs.
The UDP communications are working (verified with tcpdump).
I’ve verified the hanging printing two messages one before and one after the call to zed.retrieveObjects.
I tried to reverse back to 3.6.0 without success.
Now I’m trying to reverse back to 3.5 versions but I need also to reverse CUDA to 11.0 from 11.4.
I tried also to make the call async, without results. The funciotn still hangs.
Do there is a solution?
Do you have any suggestion?

Hi @francorcr
sorry for the late reply.
Have you tried the new ZED SDK v3.6.2?
Is the problem still present?