Zed.retrieve_objects() returns INVALID FUNCTION CALL


when I use the newest object detection samples for the sdk 4.0 I have problems when zed.retrieve_objects(objects, obj_runtime_param) is called. What I get is an error message INVALID FUNCTION CALL the whole time when I print the return value. I get the data from an .svo file and exactly the same code with the same .svo file worked perfectly fine on SDK version 3.7.6. Did anything changed here in the SDK Version 4.0 what I missed?

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4.0 was a major release with breaking API changes. The same code will not work. You can either take the new sample, or modify yours. Check out the release not to see what changed : ZED SDK 4.0 - Download | Stereolabs
We are preparing a migration guide to make things smoother.

But what I have seen is that the code for retrieving the objects is the same in both SDK versions/samples (in 4.0 and 3.7.6) Pls correct me if I am wrong. This is why I am wondering why it is working in 3.7.6 but not in 4.0

We separated Object Detection and Body Tracking into two different modules with their own functions and parameters.
Check each tutos/samples for more uses cases: