Zed.retrieve_objects(objects, obj_runtime_param) function causes an error!

I noticed that the function zed.retrieve_objects(objects, obj_runtime_param) changes the result. I noticed that this happens when the bounding box (bounding_box_2d) of the prediction was

[[ 308 211]
  [681 211]
  [308 720]
  [681 720]]

Since the resolution is 1280x720, I changed the result 720 to 719 and the algorithm works again. But I found this hack to be a bit problematic. Is there a other solution?

Version: pyzed 4.0

Hi @Phyrokar

I need a bit more precision.

  • What do you mean by “change the results”?
  • What does change?
  • What is the expected result?
  • How can we reproduce?
  • What’s the exact version of the SDK you’re using? (you can see it easily in the bottom-right of ZED Explorer)