Zed-python-api error

Hello, I have installed ZED_SDK_Windows_cuda12.1_v4.0.5 on my laptop and run the get_python_api.py successfully. When I import pyzed.sl as sl in Pycharm, the IDE reminds me No module named ‘sl’ . When I used the classes in the sl module, the IDE can’ t help me automatically complete the code. But the Samples which import pyzed.sl work well. How can I slove this problem, please? Looking forward to reply.
My environment:
CUDA 12.0
ZED SDK v4.0.5
Anaconda Python 3.8

Hi @niuge12138 ,

Sorry I don’t know much about Pycharm, but I found this StackOverflow topic that maybe can help: python - PyCharm doesn't recognize installed module - Stack Overflow