ZED Minis don't seem to auto-recover after connection failures?

I have some ZED 2is and ZED Minis here, running on Windows 10, using the Python SDK.

If I disconnect then reconnect the USB for the ZED 2i while grabbing frames, the SDK will automatically recover and reconnect to the camera, and processing will continue once the connection is recovered.

However, if I disconnect then reconnect the USB for the ZED Mini, the SDK does not appear to attempt any sort of recovery. Instead, every subsequent call to grab just returns the FAILURE error code, and no reconnection attempt appears in the SDK log messages.

The Mini does not appear to automatically recover like the 2i does.

Is this supposed to be the case? How can I detect then recover from ZED Mini USB disconnects?

Hi @JC3
this is expected indeed. The ZED Mini camera is not provided with electronics that allow the ZED SDK to correctly recover it after a connection failure.

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