ZED Mini tolerance to movement of objects in the scene

Hi All,
Thanks for your help on my previous queries.

Here’s another one: We’ve noticed that the 6 DOF tracker output of the ZED Mini is negatively impacted by the movement of objects (or people) in the viewed scene. For example, if you are using the tracker in a room of moving people, then the resulting tracking is not great. Given that the optical element of the tracking is (I assume) based on visual odometry techniques, I can understand why this might be the case although perhaps cross referencing against IMU sensors (like accelerometers and gyros) might help.

Therefore, my question is: Other than ensuring that nothing moves, is there a way to make the ZED Mini more tolerant towards moving items in the scene to help the stability of the 6 DOF tracking output under those conditions?

Thanks for any pointers,

Hi @DaveyDave321
this is a known limitation of the current version of the positional tracking module.
The ZED SDK team is improving the module to exploit the inertial information of the internal IMU even more than what was done with the current release.

Stay tuned to upcoming ZED SDK releases for more information.