Zed Mini sometimes takes 2+ minutes to initialize

I have a ZED Mini, with the latest firmware afaik (sensors 517, camera 1523), connected via USB, running on Windows 10 with the latest ZED SDK (4.0.7), using Python.

Occasionally (about a 1 in 10 chance) the camera open() call takes 1-2 minutes or longer. Example SDK logger output is:

[2023-10-18 20:01:00 UTC][ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[2023-10-18 20:03:33 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Depth mode: NEURAL
[2023-10-18 20:03:34 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Camera successfully opened.
[2023-10-18 20:03:34 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Sensors FW version: 517
[2023-10-18 20:03:34 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Camera FW version: 1523
[2023-10-18 20:03:34 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Video mode: HD720@30
[2023-10-18 20:03:34 UTC][ZED][INFO] [Init]  Serial Number: S/N 14635599

Note the timestamps in the first two lines.

The camera works fine it’s just that sometimes it takes a really long time to initialize.

This happens regardless of whether any other cameras are also attached to the system.

What is going on here and how can I prevent this from happening?

Hi @JC3
we are investigating the issue.

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