ZED Mini - Passthrough AR + Object Detection/Body Tracking

I’m part of a research team using the ZED Mini camera for AR passthrough with a Meta Quest 2 Headset.

For our project, we’d like to use your body-tracking and object detection AI modules while using the ZED Mini for AR passthrough.

We are having trouble running the object detection and body tracking modules with the ZED Stereo Rig (works for Mono). We noticed that the Unity section of your documentation mentions using ZED_STEREO_RIG for instead of ZED_MONO_RIG if we’d like to run OpenCV on the camera images if we’re using the headset for passthrough AR, but the body tracking and object detection sections don’t mention that and only use Mono for both examples.

Is what we’re trying to achieve possible? Can we use the Object Detection and Body tracking modules while using the ZED Mini for passthrough AR?

Hi @makami
I think it should work, yeah.
Have you encountered an issue trying to run this setup?

hi @JPlou

yes we have had issues. we can’t get the either the object detection or body tracking modules to function in the sample scenes when we replace the mono rig with stereo.

Do you have any errors?
You also have to match the parameters in the ZEDManager component on ZED_Rig_Stereo.