ZED Mini + OpenCV in Unity = CallbackExecutor and MonoBehaviour issues in scripts

Hello all!

I am trying to have OpenCV and ZED Mini work together in marker detection as explained in the website (How to Detect Markers with OpenCV and ZED in Unity – Stereolabs)

I created a fresh Unity project, imported the ZED and OpenCV plugins.
At the following step I have a problem: “Add a ZEDToOpenCVRetriever component to the new object. This converts every new image from the ZED into a format OpenCV can use, and sends it to scripts that need it.

So this step tells me to add a script to the new object I created. However, when I do this, an error window appears and tells “Can’t add script behaviour CallbackExecutor. The script needs to derive from MonoBehaviour”.
I checked my new game object name, and checked the class name in this script as well. They both are the same, even the capital letters, and no gap.
In the other script-adding steps I also see the same error window.
So I can not complete the basic steps explained in the website (How to Detect Markers with OpenCV and ZED in Unity – Stereolabs)

Does anyone have an idea what is here happening?


Can you try to run the Simple Marker Placement scene available in Examples/Opencv ArUco Detection/Scenes ?

Can you also give me more information about the error?

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Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

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Hello again,
The problem I mentioned was existing on the Unity version 2018.4.17f1.
To make it clarified if the version was the problem or not, I tested it on the Unity 2021.3.15f1 version.

The same steps above have been followed. After the ZED SDK and OpenCV import on the Unity, I tried to run the scene you mentioned. The scene does not start and this is now the new error I am getting (please see the photo)

EDIT: I can also clarify that, even after the ZED plugin and the OpenCV plugin, I started seeing the same error that I provided in my previous message (ArUco does not contain a definition …)
This is the problem I am currently having.