Zed Mini On Oculus Quest : AR Passthrough Untethered

Hi everyone!

I’ve already managed to use the Leap Motion as a passthrough camera on the Oculus Quest without any PC involved as you can see here : https://twitter.com/HyroVitaly/status/1222869811543314433

But when I try to do the same with the Zed Mini, the camera feed doesn’t run smoothly. I was able to have good latency at the beginning (https://twitter.com/HyroVitaly/status/1419789573421469700) with only some freeze, but now it freeze too much and I don’t understand why…

I need some help and will create a Github, is there anyone here able to help?

Actually, I use an Android-Unity plugin to fetch the camera feed of the UVC camera (previously the Leap Motion, now the Zed Mini), use OpenGL to store it in a Frame Buffer Object (FBO) and use the ref to access it in Unity and show the texture.