Zed Mini FoV in VIVE Pro & Resolution of Virtual Objects

Greetings -

I’m an HCI researcher currently using the Zed Mini to compare Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality while limiting the number of confounding variables introduced from comparing a VR headset to an AR headset (such as drastic changes in FoV, headset weight, tethering, etc.) and I had a few questions on the software related to the Zed Mini.

First, I know from https://www.stereolabs.com/blog/vive-pro-ar-zed-mini/ that the FoV on the Zed mini at 720p is 90 x 60 degrees (Horizontal x Vertical), but the 1080p FoV seems to be different. I couldn’t find any documentation stating what FoV is visible on a VIVE Pro for that setting. As I’m debating on what resolution to use and then try to create a VR condition that mimics the same FoV, I’d need some specific target to match.

Secondly, my research involves users reading documents in VR. For this purpose, 480p is strictly unusable and 720p is readable but blurry. Is there a setting to turn off resolution matching for virtual objects? I’d like Unity to render my text objects as high as it can but still exist in the AR world. As it is, I’m pressed to choose 1080p just due to this constraint.

Lastly, I seem to be having an error in Unity where I cannot add a Vive Tracker to the scene using the ZedControllerTracker Script provided with the 3.1 Unity Plugin. When I select “Vive Tracker” in Device to Track, it stays static, but it can switch to left or right controller and track those effectively. I am happy to provide more information for this problem.

Thanks for any answers.