ZED Mini does not make stereo camera with green screen in Unity

“I’m encountering an issue with the ZED Mini not creating a stereo camera effect when using a Green Screen in Unity. I’m trying to set up a scenario in Unity where, with my Oculus Rift VR headset, I can see through both cameras of the Zed Mini, creating a stereo effect. Everything works fine when I import the Zed_Rig_Stereo prefab; the stereo camera effect is achieved, and each camera aligns with one eye of the headset. However, when I try to replicate this setup with a green screen, only one camera view is visible, specifically the left eye. I’ve tried reversing the process, but it results in the same issue or doesn’t work at all. If anyone could offer some assistance, it would be greatly appreciated as this is very important to me.”

Hello @cesarholavr, welcome to the forums.

This subject has been discussed in this post: Use Passthrough with ZED mini with chroma keying

And possibly other that I don’t recall. The short answer is that there is no way to do it out-of-the-box with the existing shaders.
We can try helping you with the projectif you have questions on the ZED SDK/Unity integration, but we won’t be developing this feature ourselves in the near future.