Zed Mini does not autostart in Windows 10 after reset (Urgent problem)


I have a setup that has three Zed mini cameras. The cameras are connected to USB 3.0 ports of computer (not laptop). When I open the computer, ZED SDK can not connect to the cameras. The SDK wants me to replug the camera USBs. When I do that, all cameras are connected.
But, I have one more problem.
I use multi-camera code in “https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-multi-camera/blob/master/python/multi_camera.py”. When I open the computer, I run the python code on terminal, and it does not connect. It says “Running…” and then stops. I need to run three cameras at windows start. For that, what should I do to connect the ZED mini cameras at windows start. I can share the image of ZED Diagnostics result.
My USBs are shut down after windows shut down. It does not output energy to USB ports. In bios settings, USB ports are disabled after shutdown.

Is there any suggestion to me solve this problem?

Thank you for your help.


If I understand correctly, you have to manually unplug and plug again all your cameras after each restart ?
That should definitely not happen. Maybe 3 cameras require too much energy at the same time and your computer disable them. What if you try with one first, then with two ? What if you change the USB port ? You can use a USB3 extension card, you will also have more bandwidth for the video stream.

Thank you for your reply.

Under Bios/Settings/Advanced/Wake Up Event Setup, there is an option “Resume by USB device”. It was disabled. After I enable this option, three ZED cameras became active after restart. My problem was solved.

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My problem occurred again.

I tried your suggestions. I changed the USB ports, it did not work.

Normally, I open the PC. Plug in the three ZEDs, and get the camera images manually on ZED SDK. Then, I restart the PC and three cameras reconnect automatically after restart. When I repeat this, it is connected without a problem. However, I realized that if the PC was shut down for a long time, for example more than 15 minutes, if I open the PC, it does not connect. I have to re-plug the USBs.

I used this USB3.0 extension board: https://www.amazon.com.tr/Digitus-Port-adaptörü-dahil-alüminyum/dp/B079VD99VC

I plugged one of the cameras to this extension board, it did not even connect via this port. ZED SDK could not connect the one of the three cameras. I attached my BIOS settings. Do you have any suggestion for me to connect automatically when I restart the PC after a long or short time in shut down status?

@mubarstugan are you starting all the cameras simultaneously by calling the open function in different threads/processes?

@Myzhar, yes. I am using the multi zed code that was shared in github.

Can you try to add a pause between the consecutive open to be sure that they are not executed simultaneously?

I tried that and it did not work. The problem before that is ZED SDK also can not connect after restart. If ZED SDK could connect, I will think that the problem is the python program and I can change it. But, ZED SDK can not connect, so I do not change the original code.
The image of the PC and camera connections are below.

After restart, ZED SDK can not connect especially Number 1 camera. 2 and 3 are mostly connected.