ZED Mini camera not detected

Hello. I bought a brand new ZED Mini camera. But my devices, which all of them have ZED SDK and work with ZED 2 camera perfectly, cant detect ZED Mini. When I open ZED Explorer, it says “Camera not detected. Replug your device on USB 3.0 or flip the Type-C connector (ZED-M).” I tried it but it’s the same. Also, when I tried to plug in Type-C to the ZED Mini slowly, the blue light blinked for a second and it was gone again. I am working on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit with Ubuntu 18.04, I also tested the ZED Mini with Windows 10 pc. I am trying to understand if it is a hardware problem or not. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi @sebsontheloose
please run the ZED Diagnostic tool with the cable inserted in both the modes and send us the two report files to support@stereolabs.com.

Thank you