ZED Manager script from Unity

Hi All,
I’m in the process of customizing the ZEDManager c# script in Unity. I would like to add some parameters that are changeable in real-time via the Unity Inspector. The normal procedure is to simply declare some public parameters in the class:

public int myNewParameter;

But it appears that the ZEDManager class overrides any such parameters with a set of dedicated ZED-related parameters. It’s not at all clear from the ZEDManager.cs script how this is done - in fact, I suspect the displayed parameter list is actually defined elsewhere.

Can someone tell me how I can avoid this overriding of the Inspector parameters please?

Thanks for any pointers


I think I have the answer for you, if it’s what I encountered. You need to modify the file:

…in order to add buttons and things to your ZED_Rig_Mono… Unity Inspector window.


Thank you. I’ll have a look at that.