ZED Livelink stops by itself after a while

We use ZED 3.8.2 SDK version with UE 4.27(with compatible Livelink version). It works fine for a while but after that, the zed server stops immediately for no reason.

Note: Adding this line doesn’t solve the problem “obj_det_params.image_sync = true;”.

Hi @yatami,

Does the app crash or just stop sending new body tracking data?
Also, what’s the time range for the “while”?

We have observed that the tracking doesn’t stop; instead, the origin point of the camera is shifting. From my understanding, every 1 to 2 minutes, it rotates toward the right, causing the tracked body data to move to the right within Unreal Engine. The way it shifts is like teleporting and it does that consistently every 1-2 minutes.

This seems like a different problem from what you asked firstly.

To avoid drift if your camera is static, you can set the camera as static in the ZED Manager’s settings.

Thank you for coming back. As I previously said in the post, we use version UE4.27 of Livelink, which means we don’t have access to ZED Manager. However, I’ve resolved the shifting issue by adding the line “tracking_param.set_as_static = true;” to the main.cpp file, making the camera static. This change has successfully fixed the problem.

Is it possible to set an offset for the camera’s origin while keeping it in a static configuration?

Oops, sorry, I completely ignored the Live Link part for not reason. :upside_down_face:

You can add an offset to the camera at the initialization of the positional tracking by modifying the initial_world_transform of PositionalTrackingParameters.