Zed live link plugin

Hi, When i build my project (windows) this crash when try detecting providers. In Editor Mode work 100% but when i make the build this not work.

I should add that as a second test, I have compiled my project as a debug to see if it throws errors but besides not crashing, it does not connect to the cameras either.

Everything works fine in EDITOR mode but when I compile the project, my application does not connect to the cameras and when it tries without debug mode, it crashes.

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks !!

My config:
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-5820K CPU @ 3.30GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
Zed SDK Version: v.4.0.4
Camera: ZED2


Indeed I was able to reproduce your issue.

As a temporary workaround, until the issue is fixed, you can package the level in “Development” instead of “Shipping”, it does not crash in that configuration.

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Hi hi, im here again. Im back from my vacations and today try your temporary solution.

Thanks !!

Hello again,

Im follow your instructions and im using all (project and ZDK) with the 4.0.5 version. im still having problems to compile UE5 project. The project compile end fine(shipping package) but when i run this build, i receive a “Fatal error”. If I compile in “development package mode” this work fine and although it does not give me errors when I run this compilation, also connect to livelink.

I need help, thanks.

When i run my build (development mode) i get this info:


But in editor mode this work fine…

Hello again, we have anything new about this problem ? Is there any way to successfully compile the project ?


We are aware of the issue while packaging the live link project in Shipping mode, we do not have a fix for it yet.

For the issue in development mode, can you try to add the -messaging argument when running your build ?