ZED Live Link not reading JSON settings

I have tried to run the ZED Live Link executable, even giving a path to the JSON but the camera settings are not changing from ULTRA and HD1080. The JSON is named ZEDLiveLinkConfig.json

I have SDK 3.7 installed.


Starting ZEDLiveLink tool
Opening camera…
LogInit: Display: Loading text-based GConfig…
LogPaths: Warning: No paths for game localization data were specifed in the game configuration.
LogInit: Warning: No paths for engine localization data were specifed in the engine configuration.
[ZED][INFO] Logging level INFO
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Depth mode: ULTRA
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera successfully opened.
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Sensors FW version: 777
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Camera FW version: 1523
[ZED][INFO] [Init] Video mode: HD1080@30
[ZED][WARNING] [Object Detection] sl::BODY_FORMAT::POSE_34 is chosen, Skeleton Tracking will automatically enable body fitting
Waiting for connection…

“input”: “USB”,
“input_path”: “”,
“resolution”: “HD720”,
“fps”: 30,
“depth_mode”: “PERFORMANCE”
“enable_pose_smoothing” : true,
“enable_area_memory”: false
“enable_module”: true,
“detection_model”: “HUMAN_BODY_ACCURATE”,
“confidence”: 60,
“max_range”: 700,
“minimum_keypoints_threshold” : 5

Can you try to update to the latest version and try again.

You will need to also upgrade your SDK version to 3.8.

Unfortunately I cannot, 3.8 requires another build and the exhibit is already deployed. Is there no solution for 3.7?

Which version of the live link sample are you using ?

Because the support of the config file has been added with the 3.8 release.
If you can’t change your SDK version, you can either change the parameters directly in the code or re implement the parsing of a json file into your version of the sample.

Benjamin Vallon

Oh ok, this makes sense.