ZED Link Quad on AGX Orin Manual

I want to use a quad capture card, but I’m confused about which official manual to follow.

Link1: ZED Link Quad on AGX Orin - Stereolabs

Link #1 says to plug in the power adapter cable and apply power.

Link2: Setting up ZED X on AGX Orin / Xavier Developer Kits - Stereolabs

Link #2 says you don’t need to power the capture card separately.

Which is the correct manual?

Second, the capture card came with a GMSL2 1-4 M-F cable, which of the four connectors should I plug it into for the camera to work?

Hi @woawo1213

This is the correct guide to follow. The second link refers to a ZED Link DUO capture card.

All the wires work in the same way