ZED Link Duo Capture Card Power Options

I’m using the ZED Link Duo Capture Card to power one Zed X Mini.
In the description of the capture card in your shop it says:
"* Supports external 12-19V power supply.

  • Connects to and is powered by the CSI port of the Orin/Xavier Developer Kit."

This sounds to me like it is possible to power the capture card through the CSI port of the xavier developer kit. However, for me it only works when I connect an external power supply to the capture card.

Am I missing something or does the capture card always require an external power supply?
If this is the case, the description on your shop is misleading.

Hi @patripfr
the external power is required when the DUO card is used with NX carrier boards.
The AGX carrier boards (Xavier and Orin) do provide the required power through the mezzanine Samtec connector.

Thanks for the clarification. This is quite a bummer. You should definitely mention this properly in the shop as people do usually not think of the AGX when talking about the developer kit.