ZED HUB: Zed Core Analyzer

Is there anyway to manually adjust any of the below feature locally and pass it on as a preset perameters (or zones) to ZED hub.

VirtualFence Detector,
QueueMgmt Detector
CrossLine Detector

If not is there anyother totorial or exmaple on these features to try out locally.

Many thanks in advance.

PS. In short I just want to draw detection line or zone manually

Hello and thank you for contacting us,

Zed Core Analyzer has indeed these features but we did not release the app that creates the zones (yet), because it’s note ready. We’ll publish it as soon as it is. In the meantime, you can always tune your own app to do these kind of detection.


@alassagne Thanks for your reply, that puts my mind to an ease, as I was going line-by-line to get to understand the controls for those features.

By any chance, is there a possiblity for an early access, as only need them for DEMO, stability is not at all concern for me at this point :smiley:

Best regards

Unfortunately, I cannot send it to you yet. But you can easily develop your own app that does pretty much the same. Starts with our Object detection sample : zed-hub-examples/samples/object_detection_sample at main · stereolabs/zed-hub-examples · GitHub