ZED Hub | Can be used full local network?

Hello everyone,

I’m still working with homemade code to have network of cameras (8 ZED2, 8Jetson Xavier, Switch and Master Computer) .

Currently, I can use ZED360 for fusion and get parameters and for recording I’m based on multi threading which master pc record all data from jetson by SVOs. I’m having a few problems with this device, such as the synchronisation of SVOs and unsatisfactory viewing of all the cameras.

I tried using ZedHub, which requires an account and an internet connection, and I was able to add my jetsons using the “Edge Agent” procedure, but while connected to the internet. But how can I then access both ZedHub, which is on the Internet, and put my jetsons & cameras into purely local operation? I haven’t found any clear explanations in the tutorials.
This would allow me to move forward with my projects.

Thank you in advance.


Right now ZED Hub needs an internet connection. You cannot isolate your setup from the internet. This will change in the future.

Thanks for the reply,

following the video demonstration of the hub , we can see that jetson/zed has local IP and master computer is with online network . Is it correct ? I tried to done it, by installing my jetson with internet until the procedure finish but if I remove then internet from the jetson I lost the connection . (When I put my ethernet cable which is on local network, and usb connection to have internet , the Hub show the two IP) .


Be careful, the URL on this video is wrong, it’s not cloud.stereolabs.com but hub.stereolabs.com.
We don’t have such master/slave concept. Eveything is a device. If your device has 2 network cards (for example, wifi + ethernet), both IPs will show up in the interface.