ZED gstreamer not launching

hey all I’m trying to run zed-gstreamer to stream realtime video data from Zed2i camera onto a remote screen, however while running codes from github to see and evaluate the cameras and the scripts I only get this

WARNING: erroneous pipeline: no element "zedsrc"

any way to fix this? ( and it happened with others sometimes I would get zeddatamux instead of zedsrc

Hi @SaifK2049
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Is the repository correctly installed?
Are you getting any errors when compiling the code?

Hi, sorry the late reply but i just got back to office, and yes it is correctly installed i believe i followed all the steps.

however when using gst-inspect-1.0 zedsrc i would get the same error

What ZED SDK version are you using?
The GStreamer repository is not supporting the new ZED SDK v4.0 yet.

using 3.8.2 right now,

In that case, the plugins are not correctly compiled/installed.
Please follow the build steps again and eventually notice any kind of error message.
Are you under Windows or Linux?

currently using a Jetson AGX Orin devkit running L4T

trying to set up the same. Do we know when will ZED sdk 4.X.X finish EA period? and Gstreamer will support 4.x.x?

Just a few more weeks of patience. I am sorry.