ZED Gstreamer no Infrared Light Shown

Hi there! On Anyone knows how to turn on showing the infrared light display for ZED Gstreamer or ZED camera in explorer mode? This is possible in the ZED unity plugin, but not possible with the Gstreamer plugin. Thank you very much!

Hi @keli95566
can you please explain what you mean by infrared light display and what is the ZED unity plugin option that you are speaking about?

Hi, thank you for getting back to me! I mean, the range of wavelength the ZED Mini camera can capture also includes some part of the infrared light, therefore, using the ZED Mini camera, we can also see some range of invisible infrared light, right?

All the ZED cameras mount an infrared filter to work under direct sunlight without saturating the red channel, so you cannot acquire data in the infrared light wavelengths.