[ZED][Grab] Detected Connection Failure


I’m having trouble Jetson sender after some time loosing connection and not recovering from Grab failure with error: "[ZED][Grab] Detected Connection Failure. Trying to recover the camera with sn 34280386 "

SDK 3.8.2 running sender on Jetson

Does it suppose to retry and recover or there is a better way to handle restart automatically?

Thank you

Hi @Hedgehog
please check the stability of the connection of the camera.
In case the camera is not automatically recovered you can call the sl::Camera::reboot static function to force a hardware reset.

I have 10 units and all randomy do that, also have 3m and 1m cables original from Stereolabs. Has there been any improvement on USB conneciton in 4.0?

This is weird indeed. That’s why I suspect is a hardware connection stability issue.
Are they ZED 2 or ZED 2i? In the case of ZED 2i, are the screws of the cable strongly strengthened?

ZED 2i and screws are well tightened. Is there a better way to debug or catch the error?
If this happens, does it try to recover withing grab function or should it return error, what seems is happening it’s still running within the grab loop with ERROR_CODE::SUCCESS returned

There is an improvement introduced with the ZED SDK v4 that allows tracking a condition where the SDK tries to reboot the camera in case of connection failure: