Zed Explorer vs Zedfu

I realized that the image brightness seems Lower in zedfu.
Sample below. this is huge difference. What is the reason ?
Zedfu same env same time

Zed Explorer same env same time

Orin Nx

this is due to the fact that ZEDfu opens the camera at 60fps (to avoid motion). In Explorer you open it at 15fps, so the exposure time is longer, giving you a brighter image.

Hi @SL-PY ,

Do you recommend using 15 fps for a low-light and stable motion environment?

yes it may be better.
ZEDfu does not let you change the desired FPS, so you might need to use our spatial mapping sample.
This way you will be able to choose both resolution and frame-rate that better fit your needs.
ps: ZEDfu is just a fancy UI over our API, so you will be able to reproduce the same results with the sample.