ZED Diagnostic Tool

Hello folks,

I am using the “diagnostic tool” and every time it is run it closes automatically when it reaches the same percentage in “Devices”. Any idea why this could be ?

All other tools work fine.

Platform: Windows

Thank you !

Hi @dotcomadot
what is your camera model?
Can you open it by using our tools?
Please test it with ZED Explorer, ZED Depth Viewer, and ZED Sensor Viewer and send me your results.

Hi Myzhar,

Camera Model: ZED2i Serial 31798931
Zed Explorer: Ok | Recording/Playback : Ok
ZED DepthViewer : Ok
ZED Sensor Viewer : Ok

Also tested Unity Plugin, Touchdesigner and it seems ok.

Just the Diagnostic tool is crashing in the last step.

This is strange indeed.
What is the version of the ZED SDK you are using?
CUDA version?

ZED SDK 4.1.2
nvcc --version: 11.8

This seems good unless you have an RTX GPU.
In that case, I recommend upgrading to CUDA 12. You can uninstall CUDA and use a ZED SDK installer for CUDA 12 to automatically install the required version

Hey !

I want to confirm the issue is presenting with CUDA 12, I installed SDK for CUDA 11 and CUDA 11.8 on my machine and no errors on the diagnostic tool.