ZED_Depth Tool - Low Video Memory - RTX 3090 - Ubuntu 20.04

When running the ZED_Depth_Viewer tool on Linux, I get an out of GPU Memory error. Perplexed, since I’m using an RTX 3090, with no other applications running. See the attached screenshot. (https://i.imgur.com/pLFFNZL.png). Screenshot shows GPU specs (bottom left), camera sensor details (bottom right), and a couple of error logs from the Depth tool (top right).

I can compile and run the depth example from github without errors.

System details:
Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
NVIDIA Driver Version: 495.29.05 CUDA Version: 11.5
RTX 3090 (eGPU, via Razer Core X Chroma - Thunderbolt )
ZED SDK v: Ubuntu20_cuda11.4_v3.6.1

Could it be I’ve installed Cuda 11.5, and the SDK is built against 11.4?

I had a similar issue. In my case, the problem was that I have Intel and Nvidia cards in my laptop. The ZED software used intel card instead of Nvidia. The issue occurred when I run it from docker container.
I use Manjaro Linux and solution for me was to switch for permanent usage of Nvidia GPU using optimus manager:

In your case (Ubuntu) there is something called prime-select, try googling it.

@g7T in your case CUDA can be the problem. CUDA 11.5 is indeed not yet supported

Could you send me the download url of Ubuntu20_cuda11.4_v3.6.1 ?
Thank you very much.

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This link is what you ask, except it is 3.6.5 instead of 3.6.1. it’s compatible with cuda 11.0 to 11.5. The official support of 11.5 came with 3.6.2, so your version may not work but this one will.

You’ll benefit from hotfixes (https://www.stereolabs.com/developers/release/3.6/)


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