ZED Camera streaming over local area network

Hi I am a newbie with networking, and I’ve had trouble trying to replicate the following setup:

Basically I have a ZED 2 Camera connected to a Jetson Nano, which is connected to a network switch
NETGEAR GS305-300PAS (NeweggBusiness - NETGEAR GS305-300PAS 5-port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS305)) via ethernet. The switch has the jetson nano/zed camera unit and an alienware connected to it. I would like to send the stream from jetson nano to the alienware, but as the switch is not connected to internet it is not assigned an IP address, and I was wondering how I should circumvent this issue.
Any tip or direction will be much appreciated. Thank you!

You need to use a router, not a switch, so that the router can assign an IP for each device connected (if devices are in DHCP). There is no need to be connected to Internet, but each device must have its own IP so that you can use the local streaming.

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