ZED Camera stream sample not working


I am currently trying to run the python sample scripts for camera streaming. I have the ZED connected to a Jetson Nano and the sender script seems to be running fine.

When I go to run the receiver script on my windows laptop, the command prompt will flash briefly and then nothing happens.

Not sure what I’m supposed to be even seeing but any help would be appreciated.


I’m running these python examples at and just got it to work.

How are you launching the receiver script? They want you to launch it via the command line + the IP of the camera as an argument.

I made two changes:

In the sender code, I added the line “stream.port = 30000” just to be sure…

In the receiver code, as a test, I deleted the if/else section and kept it as a simple assignment:

ip = ‘your Zed’s local IP address’

I launch the sender code…and then the receiver code and wait…It takes a while and and then an openGL window is opening with the camera stream…

This is how far I got until now…The stream is incredibly slow and delayed (even with different bitrates / resolutions and so on…and it’s on performance mode…)…

I hope this will at least be of some help / nudge in the right direction for you :confused:

Thanks for the help!! Still couldn’t get it to work unfortunately (I’m not too good with software), so I’ve decided to go with the remote desktop route. Using this method is more suited for my application anyway.

Here’s the link for the info on how I got it to work with the Jetson Nano, if your interested: https://www.hackster.io/news/getting-started-with-the-nvidia-jetson-nano-developer-kit-43aa7c298797

Thanks again!

Stream ‘incredibly slow’ when receiving via python? Just open an instance of the ‘ZED Explorer’ in the background and leave it idle, that fixed it for me. Might work for you as well, if everything else is okay (i.e. GPU supporting the chosen codec, network okay, …)