Zed camera is not working with my unity | lenovo Legion 5i RTX 3070 8GB Ubuntu 20.04 model 2023

Hi @BenjaminV @JPlou
I am escalating my issue on this new topic, because it is very serious problem, I am working with ZED2 , I want to access it on unity but it couldn’t do it. It always shows the white screen. Also I have tried it with different laptops like Dell G 15 RTX 3050, Lenovo Ideapad gaming GTX 1650, Lenovo legion 5 pro RTX 3070 it does not work at all (my operating system is Ubuntu 20.04 ). But when I tried it with Asus rog strix RTX 3080 it works hassel free shows no problem at all. Please try zed2 with graphic cards below RTX 3080, and confirm it really works or not, or i am doing something wrong.



Please do not duplicate posts. You already opened this one for the same issue.

We are trying our best to help you and solve your problem.