ZED camera in low light environment

Hi all,
Just wanted to ask about the quality of the returned RGB image in low light environments. I’m thinking of using my ZED 2i in a theatre setting to capture a dance performance. I know that depth estimation might suffer in low light, but I want to ask about the quality of the RGB images?

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Hi @Myzhar
Just want to ask about your experience working with ZED 2i in low light conditions?
Can you please let me know what sort of environment you were in, and how did the camera output got affected?

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Hello Mina,
Thank you for writing to us.

The ZED cameras do not use any kind of artificial lighting source, they perform pure stereo vision processing, as our eyes do, low light conditions correspond to poor performances.

The internal ISP can automatically compensate for low light by increasing the camera gains and the exposure time, but the devices cannot work in the absolute dark.

As long as there is some visible light in the environment, the ZEDs work really well with good quality and accuracy.

I hope this helps!

Thank you.

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