ZED Calibration file unsuspected auto-download


While messing around with the values in the calibration files (.conf) to ensure these get applied, I experienced that ZED SDK may choose to automatically redownload the factory calibration and overwrite the file I had modified.

What does trigger a camera calibration values to be redownloaded despite the .conf file already being present?



Some values set to 0 such as the disto, baseline, convergence can trigger a re download of the calibration file.

You can look into this guide : https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/opencv/calibration/ to see how to use a custom calibration file.

Stereolabs Support


Whereas the current default zed configuration file supports a 8 parameter distortion model,
How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV | Stereolabs only mentions the 5 parameter distortion model

Left and Right Distortion coefficients : as 5x1 Matrix [k1, K2, P1, P2, K3]

Does ZED loading the opencv based yaml format support 8 parameters distortion?

not for the moment, this will be updated in the coming release, probably in v4.0.7 of the ZED SDK.

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Auto download of calibration files may also lead to interesting problems when running from docker container.

As mapping calibration file path from container to host storage is not documented for docker:

  • calibration file doesn’t survive after restart of container
  • offline docker system may have even trouble starting correctly

Some notes in: