ZED Calibration file unsuspected auto-download


While messing around with the values in the calibration files (.conf) to ensure these get applied, I experienced that ZED SDK may choose to automatically redownload the factory calibration and overwrite the file I had modified.

What does trigger a camera calibration values to be redownloaded despite the .conf file already being present?



Some values set to 0 such as the disto, baseline, convergence can trigger a re download of the calibration file.

You can look into this guide : https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/opencv/calibration/ to see how to use a custom calibration file.

Stereolabs Support


Whereas the current default zed configuration file supports a 8 parameter distortion model,
How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV | Stereolabs only mentions the 5 parameter distortion model

Left and Right Distortion coefficients : as 5x1 Matrix [k1, K2, P1, P2, K3]

Does ZED loading the opencv based yaml format support 8 parameters distortion?

not for the moment, this will be updated in the coming release, probably in v4.0.7 of the ZED SDK.

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