ZED Box, ZED Mini and Unity

I’m interested in portable/untethered battery-powered hardware solutions upon which I use a ZED Mini and Unity. My immediate thought was to use an ZED Box but it appears that you cannot run Unity apps on the ZED Box (or other NVidia jetson derivatives). I could use a laptop with NVidia graphics but most of these are highly throttled when running from the battery alone resulting in poor frame rates. Therefore, I’m at a bit of a loss.

Has anyone had any luck doing this? Any ideas?

Thanks for any pointers,

Hi @DaveyDave321,

It introduces some latency, but you could use the jetson to stream the video data and process it on your computer of choice, using “stream” as the input type instead of USB/SVO. If it’s only for body tracking, you could also use the ZED Live Link plugin for Unity, whose sender can run on a jetson so that the computer with Unity doesn’t have to manage a ZED SDK, hopefully leading to an acceptable frame rate even on laptops.