ZED Box Serial Port Access

Is there any way to access the serial port on a ZED Box? If I open the ZED Box are there any test pads or headers on the carrier board that I can access to bring out the serial port. I can see the serial port device is present /dev/ttyTHS0 and getty is using it as the console.

Hi @gp1234
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Yes, the USB OTG port (same as used for flash) is a serial port for debug and “ssh”.
You can connect the USB cable to your host device and open a terminal console thanks to the created virtual serial port.

When I connect the USB OTG port on the Zed Box to my Linux PC, I just see a APX device. I don’t see any serial devices. Plus, the Zed Box doesn’t boot. I think it automatically goes into recovery mode when the OTG port is connected.

Force Recovery Mode

That’s correct. You must connect the USB cable to the OTG port after the boot process is completed, otherwise, the ZED Box starts in Force Recovery mode.