ZED Box going offline

Hi everyone,

I’m having problems with a installation of 6 ZED box devices each streaming one ZED2i into my network. Single boxes completly go offline from time to time and won’t come back until repowering them. Sometimes they keep running for days, sometimes they only last a few hours. It’s never more than one device shutting down at the same time and my network admin can’t find any issues with his infrastructure.

It’s ZED BOX - XAVIER NX devices, running ZED SDK 3.8 for L4T 32.6 (Jetpack 4.6), the only issue I see that might be a problem is that all six streaming applications utilise the default port but I don’t see how that would completly shut down single devices from the network.

Anyone got any experience with this or got an idea what might causing the problems?

additional: There seems to be an issue with my scripting on the receiving side, sometimes resulting in several parallel receiver scripts accessing the same camera from the same computer. Might that be something that kills off the ZED box on a network level by accidentally DDOSing it?


I’d suggest another issue. How do you power your ZED Boxes ? If you use PoE+, your ZED Box cannot use as much power as if you use the power adapter. Thus, if you ask too much, it will shut down.

To solve this, you can set the power mode of your jetson a little lower with

 sudo /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -m <index> 


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Hi Antoine,

We were aware of that (the ZED boxes seem to have issue with activated POE on the switch and parallel connected power supply). So POE is turned off on all ports and all boxes run with the PU they are supplied with.

I optimized our reboot routines to avoid parallel threads accessing single boxes and they have been running stable for two days now. So that realy seemed to be the problem.

Glad to hear you could resolve your issue.
If I understand correctly, you were running too many threads ?


Yes, seems like that was the problem. Our restart routines started a new thread each morning without properly ending the old one, resulting in the ZED box shutting down at some point.