ZED Box compatibility with 2 Zed 2i cameras

Is ZED Box compatible with a 2x Zed 2i setup?

It depends on the task that you are going to perform. The problem with the ZED Box is that it has a single USB3 channel and you can have bandwidth problems for high resolutions/framerate.
What is the configuration of the ZED Box?
The TX2 model can have not enough computational power to handle advanced tasks with two cameras, the Xavier NX model instead can, but you must lower down resolution/framerate.

This is why we usually suggest using only a camera for each ZED Box.

We are working with Spatial Mapping, and some object detection tasks, that require a certain level of accuracy, so we cannot lower resolution or drop frame rates by a significant amount.

This is a task that a Xavier NX cannot handle for two cameras simultaneously, regardless of USB3 bandwidth problems.
The Xavier NX is a powerful embedded board, but it remains an embedded board, the computational power is limited with respect to a standard PC.

Ok, but if we wanna just collect data with 2 cameras and process it later on a more powerful machine, how much we need to lower resolution and frame rates to use a Zed box Xavier?

Not easy to say, it depends on the USB3 HUB that you are using.
Some HUB models have no problems, others have.
I’m sorry, but in this context, I cannot suggest models and brands to test.

That’s fine, Thank you.

I’ve done some research and found NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin which has 3x USB 3.2. Do you think i could have success using such a board?