Zed body tracking and 2D view scaling

Hello, I am using this code [https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-sdk/tree/master/body%20tracking/body%20tracking/python](GitHub - stereolabs/zed-sdk: ⚡️The spatial perception framework for rapidly building smart robots and spaces Tree /master/body%20tracking/body%20tracking/python) stereolabs body tracking code. I can’t scale the 2D camera view. This problem does not occur in 3D view. How can I scale the 2D view as I want? Below I put 2 screenshots that clearly show what I mean.

As you can see, I can rescale the ZED body tracking window. But I can’t do the same for the 2D camera view.

Hello @emrekocdemir,

This is due to the implementation of the window in our sample, it’s done with imshow without creating a window. You have to adapt the sample to your needs.

I suggest taking a look at the cv2.namedWindow function to do this.

Thanks for advice i did it with this cv2.namedWindow('ZED | 2D View', cv2.WINDOW_KEEPRATIO)

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