Zed activation on load stuck my game unity

Hello guys, i have developed a interactive game (interactive floor) where I use the Zed 2 and my “problem”(a bit uncomfortable) is the slow recognition(activation) of the Zed 2 hardware. When my game try to use the Zed 2, take a few seconds and in the maintime, the game stay stuck. This is not so uncomfortable if this happens only once when the game loads but my game have two mode games and each time that i go back to game mode 1(where i use the zed 2) the game stuck some seconds.

Is there any way by this task take less time ? Any optimization example for this problem ?

Is it possible to use pyton (if in this way I can optimize my game) to send all possible data from Zed to the game in unity and work with these ?



Thanks for reaching us out.

Unfortunately , this is the time to setup all the stream and communication with the camera itself and load the resources of the SDK.
However, that should not block the game as the initialization is made in a co routine as shown here

Does your game script runs in the same context as the ZEDManager ?

Regarding sending Data, it depends on what you want to do.
The SDK can ingest a stream instead of Live USB connection : In this way, you can use python to stream the video to the Unity Plugin. This uses the Streaming module of the ZED SDK. Note that most of the compute is still done on Unity side, but that might help reduce the loading time.
More information can be found here :


Olivier Braun
Lead Developer
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