ZED 2I SDK 4.0.8 Camera Streaming to simultaneously take Sensor Data and process video feed

@Myzhar @BenjaminV @obraun-sl
System Config : Jetson Orin NX 16gb running Jetpack 5.1.2 .
Zed Diagonostics are ok. Camera is detected and USB Port bandwidth is also Ok.
Running Latest SDK : 4.0.8

I have 1 ZED 2I camera ame camera is being used for feeding video via open cv and I also want sensor data and pose data. Any Sample code for Camera Streaming to extract sensor data from camera using Camera_streaming ?


In the current version of the streaming, you don’t have the sensor data. In the one to be released next (ZED SDK 4.1), you’ll get all the sensor data.


@alassagne Can there be a workaround . I have 1 ZED 2i Camera , which is connected to the Robot and streaming video to the base station. I Need positional tracking pose data.

Can I get both Pose Data and stream simultaneously using multi threaded Code ? I was thinking of using mutex around zed grab and alternatively publish video and get sensor data as well , since only 1 instance of the Camera is possible.

You get can the frame by frame zed pose that you retrieve with getPosition, but not the high frequency sensor data.

If you want the high frequency sensor data before our next release, you can simply implement your own streaming. For example, an UDP port.