Zed 2i power light goes out after a period of time on Zed Box

My intention is to stream out of the Zed Box a single camera to another computer to process the point cloud. I have been testing the reliability of the sender program (slightly modified version of the sample). After a period of a few hours the Zed 2i power light will go out, the sender program will continue to run, and the only way to fix it is to reboot the Zed Box. This seems like a ZED Box issue. Any suggestions?

Actually if I connect to stream using ZED Diagnostics or a program I have written the power light goes out after the first grab. Camera will continue to work for a few hours and then just stop.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to us,
If I understand correctly, you run the sender on the zed box, and the receiver on another machine.
When you say “After connecting to the stream”, do you mean after running the sender, or after running the receiver ?
Does that also happen with a desktop computer ? Does that happen with another camera on the same zed box ?


Let’s worry about the grab returning success beffor we worry about the blue light it’s not that important.

Chris McCulley

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