Zed 2i Multicast to another PC's Unity

I’ve been working with the ZED-Unity Livelink repository and have successfully cloned it and built the ZED_Unity_Livelink_Fusion.exe. After importing the Unity package, the streaming was working flawlessly.

I’m now wondering whether there’s a method to configure a main PC to connect to the ZEDs and execute the C++ program while allowing another computer to receive the data via the ZED streaming client in Unity. Is there built-in support for this type of multicasting? Would I need to adjust any configurations (C++ source code, Unity, firewall)? Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @MarioYang, welcome to the forums!

What you are describing is the main application of the sample and should work out of the box.
Follow the documentation and launch your sender on the computer with the ZEDs, and the unity project on the other.
Firewall issues would depend on your configuration, if you encounter some and fix them or have difficulties, please share them.

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions.


Hi @JPlou, thank you for your reply! I went through the documentation and set up everything mentioned on the page. I added UDP to Inbound rules and Outbound rules, and also turned out Windows firewall for the time being. However, Unity client’s play window shows no skeleton with the console showing “UDP - Start Receiving…” Is there anything else I can try to do? Thank you for your assistance!

PS: I checked CUDA and ZED sdk versions. They are both up to date.

Ok, so we just tested it, and it works as intended when both computers are on the same network.
When using multicasting, this is a limitation (but it is the easy way around).

If it is not possible to have both computers on the same network, you would need to uncheck multicast in both the sender (by setting setMulticastTTL(0) here) and the unity project by unchecking multicast in the Fusion Manager. Then, you need to have ports open, and maybe that I’m not sure a fixed IP address.

Short answer: it doesn’t work out of the box if both computers are not on the same network.
Leading to my question: are your computers on the same network?


@JPlou Thank you for your reply! I have confirmed that both computers are on the same network. Attached is a quick video for the current situation: local connection to Unity is fine but cannot multicast to another PC connected to the same network.


Update: I changed the IP to and the port to 6000 and the streaming worked. Maybe there is congestion on the default port? The frame rate does seem lower on the remote client. I need to check if it’s a bandwidth issue.