ZED-2i Image Resize Using OpenCV on Unity

Hello, I’m a Japanese university student.

I’m using Zed-2i with Unity.

The versions I’m using are listed below.


・ZED Unity Plugin : v3.8.0

・Unity Editor : 2021.3.12

・OpenCV for Unity : 2.5.7

I’m trying to dynamically resize the depth image that obtained by ZED-2i using OpenCV for unity, and output them as Texture2D.

I tried to use the “copyToMat()” function to copy the image’s “Ptr” data into the OpenCV Mat. Because the zed and OpenCV has different mat type, I changed the zed mat type to OpenCV mat type (Referenced sites: ZEDMat to OpenCvMat · Issue #73 · stereolabs/zed-unity · GitHub).

Then use the “resize()” from OpenCV for Unity to resize the image. After resize the OpenCV Mat, I use the “matToTexture2D()” function to copy OpenCV Mat into Texture2D.

My problem is that when I run the system, I get the error “No texture data provided to LoadRawTextureData”.

I want to know where should I fix, or is there any other way to resize the image that ZED-2i obtained.

Here is a part of my code.

void Update()
        if (zed.IsCameraReady)
            zed.RetrieveImage(image, VIEW.DEPTH);

            Utils.copyToMat(image.GetPtr(), srcMat);

            Imgproc.resize(srcMat, dstMat, dstMat.size(), Imgproc.INTER_CUBIC);

            _texture2D = new Texture2D(DISP_RESO_X, DISP_RESO_Y, TextureFormat.RGBA32, false);

            Utils.matToTexture2D(dstMat, _texture2D, true);

            /*Save Image as png*/
            byte[] pngData = _texture2D.EncodeToPNG();

            string filePath = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel("Save Texture", "D:\\home\\0065_Mr_One\\Zed2_test3\\Assets", _texture2D.name + "★test_texture.png", "png");
            if (filePath.Length > 0)
                File.WriteAllBytes(filePath, pngData);

Thank you.


There is a script that will help you do that, it is called ZEDToOpenCVRetreiver.cs. it will help you get zed images as cv image easily.

You can see how to use it here : https://github.com/stereolabs/zed-unity/blob/master/ZEDCamera/Assets/ZED/Examples/Object%20Detection/Scripts/ZEDCustomObjDetection.cs#L78


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