ZED 2i Horizontal FOV Limited to 70.4 Degrees?

I had anticipated a broader field of view, yet the widest I’ve managed to achieve was 70.4 degrees using the VGA resolution. Given the promotional materials mentioned a 120-degree FOV (likely measured diagonally) and observing no distinction in FOV between the 2.1mm and 4mm lenses, I surmised that the variance in sensor size might justify the higher cost associated with the 4mm model. Could anyone confirm this hypothesis? I am contemplating switching from my current 4mm lens to the 2.1mm variant.

Additionally, I would like to know: What is the maximum horizontal field of view attainable at a 720p resolution with the 2.1mm lens?

Hi @FrankEscobar
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The 4 mm focal length optics is a Narrow Lens configuration and the Field of View is reduced as mentioned in the datasheet of the devices, in the product pages, and on this support page: